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The start of the story

When you get to read this, we will have achieved our first step of about 1000. Seeing this post means that version 1 of and are now live. In the face of the mountain of development we have ahead of us, this seems like kind of a small deal. But it also signifies…

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Word of the Day : Pig

Pig: All hail the wonder that is Miki Laval’s creation – innocent and charming until the unexpected twist. We hope you enjoy as much as we do. Miki created this series of videos, each with a different fun word of the day, which we will be bringing to you over the course of the next…

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Shakey and Minnie

Shakey and Minnie are Daniel Schachter’s comedic invention. And it makes us laugh every time. Daniel created some wonderful characters, who exist within an excellent premise. He then did them justice by fulfilling that potential by writing¬†fun sketches and dialogue. A good example of a simple but strong idea, very well executed. This series of…

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Deadpan Inc : Laser Love

DEADPAN INC – Laser Love: Loved this series created by Dave Stratton. Not only is it funny, it also embraces and indeed exploits perfectly the “dead pan” performance style of the voices, and as a result, Works wonderfully. Dave was a prolific creator using xtranormal’s animation platform, creating literally billions of movies in this series…

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