MAKING MOVIES MADE EASIER was recently acquired by nawmal, ltd.
We at nawmal are working hard to get you back making movies, and will be changing some of the things that many movie-makers using xtranormal found frustrating:

No more losing the movie maker

No more losing the characters that some of you had bought

No more losing the movies that you had made

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Telling stories made easier

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Here's what's going on at nawmal and

Frequently Asked Questions

There is currently no online movie-maker.
While things are being rebuilt there are no accounts, and nothing to sign in to. The subscription forms are to sign up to our mailing list to be informed of significant developments.
xtranormal closed their website and their business activities in 2013. The technology was recently acquired by nawmal, a new, and unrelated company.
At the moment it appears very unlikely.

We are currently unwrapping the technology we acquired, and will evaluate if it is possible to reunite users with the projects they previously created on The previous website was very complicated and was fragmented across many servers and storage services. It is presently unclear if everything exists to be able to feasibly recreate that system.

We are presently examining all the technology to see how it can be best utilized to fit with our business plan. The best way to keep up to date on what’s happening is to subscribe to the email news updates.
There are presently no online accounts. You have signed up to our emailing list which will keep you informed of updates and releases. As mentioned above, it is very unlikely that there will be a replacement, web-based version of the movie-maker.
Unfortunately all of the account information seems to have been lost. So far we have found no user accounts, no record of credits, no saved projects nor published movies.
Unfortunately no, as xtranormal, Inc is no longer an active business.
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