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After a hectic few weeks here’s the promised update.

It was incredibly expensive for the old xtranormal to run the old website – rendering, storing and streaming the millions of movies that were created. There was a lot users could do on the website for free, and it was easy to do it, so a lot of free movies were made and stored on the website. But at the end of the day not enough people paid to cover the costs of running the service so the inevitable happened.

And when it happened, and the website closed, everyone lost access to the movie making tools, the movies they’d made, the projects they’d saved, and any assets they’d purchased.

So although you might be hoping for another free site, we’re not going to do the same thing – primarily because we don’t want to go out of business, and we don’t think you want us to either. We want to be around for a long time, we want to make new story telling tools, new characters and develop even better ways of making movies.


Some of what we plan to do to improve your movie-making experience will take a while to fund, develop and test before we can release it. So to get people back making great movies again we are currently working hard to make a downloadable version of the software available.

This will be similar to STATE, which was the download version of the movie-maker. You can do all the same things you could do on the website, plus it gives access to so much more – characters that move around the set, moving cameras, multiple characters in a scene, your own pet unicorn….. (maybe that last one is not strictly true, but it would be cool if it did).

You don’t however have to use the extra features, you can stick with the same controls that were on the website, and you’d still have the advantage of having the software on your computer which you would own, and can use….. forever. Or at least for as long as your computer works! You would also have the characters and the movies you create on your own computer, so you’re then not reliant on us looking after them for you and risk having them disappear again. You own the movies, you store them, you share them where and when you want.

This has a benefit for us, it means we can focus our resources on support, developing new tools, features and characters – rather than spending money on cloud hosting and video rendering and server costs. Why not let Youtube do all of that for us?

That’s the plan. At the moment!

But to be able to deliver that, we face a couple of challenges. The first is to rebuild the application from the bits and pieces of technology we have restored. The other is the text-to-speech voices (TTS) which are quite expensive and heavy to download. These are licensed from other companies with whom we’re in active discussion.

We will have made progress on both issues by the next post.

And please subscribe to our email list if you want to receive updates.

By the way – we have a lot of people coming to the site from many countries around the world. If anyone reading this could help with translating these posts to Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish please contact us we’d really appreciate your help so that we can post these in a selection of languages.

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When you get to read this, we will have achieved our first step of about 1000.
Seeing this post means that version 1 of nawmal.com and xtranormal.com are now live.

In the face of the mountain of development we have ahead of us, this seems like kind of a small deal. But it also signifies that we are, without qualification, moving forwards, especially when you consider that we started from the photo you see above one month ago.

We are working on two principle initiatives, one short term and the other, our plan for the future.

The short term efforts are directed at resurrecting and then making available a re-packaging of some of xtranormal’s existing technology.


Why are we not just relaunching the website with the text-to-movie maker?
There are many reasons, but the most compelling is this:

Xtranormal tried that, for a number of years, and went out of business.

That has to mean something.
So we’re learning from that, and looking at a different way of enabling people who really loved making movies with the great “movie-maker” that xtranormal created, to make movies again.
It’s not just that, we’re also aware that some of you paid for additional assets – characters, sets and voices – which disappeared when the website closed down.
You also lost the movies that you’d made that were published on the xtranormal website.

These are all mistakes that we want to learn from, to avoid making them again.

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All hail the wonder that is Miki Laval’s creation – innocent and charming until the unexpected twist. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.
Miki created this series of videos, each with a different fun word of the day, which we will be bringing to you over the course of the next few weeks.
Our hope is to entice Miki to continue to entertain us with this strange and wonderful world, and to continue to create, explore and evolve the relationship between the characters and their respective journey over time.

Check back to see more of their capers (as in “escapades” rather than the pickled flower of a plant), and please sign up to our mailing list to keep informed as we continue to work towards getting people back to creating their own fun videos again.

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That way you’re sure to be among the first to know when we’re able to bring you some exciting news.

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Shakey and Minnie are Daniel Schachter’s comedic invention. And it makes us laugh every time. Daniel created some wonderful characters, who exist within an excellent premise. He then did them justice by fulfilling that potential by writing fun sketches and dialogue. A good example of a simple but strong idea, very well executed.

This series of scenes were produced using recorded voices that the animated characters lip-synced to automatically.

We’ve asked Daniel to continue the idea he started here, and will hopefully be able to bring you more examples from his creative mind just as soon as he’s come up with them, and we’ve managed to get an animation tool up and running for him to use.

Please sign up to our mailing list to keep informed as we continue to work towards getting people back to creating their own fun videos again.

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DEADPAN INC – Laser Love:
Loved this series created by Dave Stratton. Not only is it funny, it also embraces and indeed exploits perfectly the “dead pan” performance style of the voices, and as a result, Works wonderfully.

Dave was a prolific creator using xtranormal’s animation platform, creating literally billions of movies in this series of topical office banter. Perhaps billions is a slight exaggeration, but it was definitely over 200.

Some people using xtranormal’s old website produced occasional good movies, but Dave applied himself and really exploited the media to it’s fullest, and consistently published excellent movies.

We’re hoping to entice Dave to get back to showcasing his wordsmith-skills in animated form with us.


Please sign up to our mailing list to keep informed as we continue to work towards getting people back to creating their own fun videos again.

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That way you’re sure to be among the first to know when we’re able to bring you some exciting news.

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