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When you get to read this, we will have achieved our first step of about 1000.
Seeing this post means that version 1 of and are now live.

In the face of the mountain of development we have ahead of us, this seems like kind of a small deal. But it also signifies that we are, without qualification, moving forwards, especially when you consider that we started from the photo you see above one month ago.

We are working on two principle initiatives, one short term and the other, our plan for the future.

The short term efforts are directed at resurrecting and then making available a re-packaging of some of xtranormal’s existing technology.


Why are we not just relaunching the website with the text-to-movie maker?
There are many reasons, but the most compelling is this:

Xtranormal tried that, for a number of years, and went out of business.

That has to mean something.
So we’re learning from that, and looking at a different way of enabling people who really loved making movies with the great “movie-maker” that xtranormal created, to make movies again.
It’s not just that, we’re also aware that some of you paid for additional assets – characters, sets and voices – which disappeared when the website closed down.
You also lost the movies that you’d made that were published on the xtranormal website.

These are all mistakes that we want to learn from, to avoid making them again.

Posted on May 28, 2014 in nawmal_news

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